What To Expect


What’s It Like?

One of the first questions many patients ask is, “What is it like?” Everyone is unique, so the sensation of having the laser remove the tattoo will be slightly different for each person. Generally speaking, if you were able to tolerate getting the tattoo, you should be quite able to go through the removal process. In addition, a typical treatment session only lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, which means it is over before you know it! Finally, for added peace of mind, Erasable Inc. offers a variety of numbing agents to minimize discomfort to ensure our patients have the best possible experience.

Kirby-Desai Scale

The Kirby-Desai Scale is a medically published tool to aid in the estimation of the number of required treatment sessions to effectively remove a tattoo. The six factors that influence the efficacy of treatment are listed below for your reference. Our medical provider will review each of these factors with you during your initial consultation.

Aashka Tattoo Removal

After Care

Much like the process of getting your tattoo, it will be important to take care of the treatment area following your session to ensure optimal results. Erasable Inc. will provide each patient with detailed instructions tailored to your treatment plan after the initial session. Below are a few of the standard recommendations following treatment:

First 24 Hours:
  • Apply an ice compress periodically

  • Avoid submerging the treated area in water

After 24 Hours (and until the treatment area has healed):
  • Drink plenty of water to aid your body in removing the ink

  • Exercise without irritating the treated area to improve circulation

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight or tanning beds during the healing process