What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is placed under your skin using a manual handheld tool instead of a tattoo gun. Very fine hair-like strokes are created with the tool to simulate the natural hairs in your brows. While the pigment is not placed as deep in the skin as a more traditional tattoo, it is still considered a tattoo because the pigment is implanted under the skin.

What Should I Expect?

Microblading is all about being slow and steady. Each hair is drawn individually, so while this means your treatment could last an hour or so, the result is an incredibly natural looking brow. Traditional cosmetic eyebrow tattoos appear as dark brown or black eyebrows that were “stamped” onto the face. The lack of gradient and texture of the tattoo made it obvious that eyebrows were tattooed on. However, the soft, wispy strokes of microblading give the eyebrows a very natural, subtle look.

After the first session is complete, a touch up is done about 6-7 weeks later. Touch ups are necessary to create a look that will last for 18-24 months. A topical numbing agent is used to minimize the discomfort of the procedure. The eyebrows can be filled and shaped to give the eyes a bolder, lifted look that makes the face appear younger and rejuvenated.

If you are spending 5-15 minutes each morning, filling, shaping, and drawing in your eyebrows, microblading is the perfect way to save time and create the polished look that you are seeking.

Before And After

Trust Our Microblading Pro

Tattooing each individual wisp of hair into your brows is a unique skill and should be entrusted to someone with the training and experience to safely and beautifully transform your look. Ashley is our Certified Medical Aesthetician and one of the very first people certified to perform this treatment in the Tampa Bay area. Give us a call or click below to schedule your free consultation and learn about the alternative to plucking, tweezing and drawing the right look for your brows.