Veteran-owned And Operated Erasable Ink Brings Duality Laser Tattoo Removal To Tampa Bay Area

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Industry-leading Astanza Duality laser technology and expert training make Erasable Ink, Tampa Bay’s first veteran-owned and operated laser clinic, an excellent choice for residents looking to remove a tattoo.

Michael Zanetti and wife, Loretta, have established Erasable Ink to provide clients with a solution for tattoo regret and to get rid of unwanted ink that may be holding people back from desired occupations or lifestyles. As veterans of the military, the Zanettis recognized the need for effective laser tattoo removal to be available to military personnel looking to enlist or seeking commission.

“Military tattoo regulations were a big driver in establishing Erasable Ink. The military’s code is very explicit, and some servicemembers need their tattoos removed because of the ink’s location, size, or content,” said Mr. Zanetti, owner of Erasable Ink. “We can quickly and safely remove tattoos from anywhere on the body – including employers’ most regulated areas such as the hands, face, and neck. We have the right laser for the job with our Duality, and Loretta creates custom treatment plans for every tattoo.”

The husband and wife team oversee and perform all procedures using the Q-switched Astanza Duality laser. The Duality removes tattoos by emitting a specific wavelength of powerful light energy into the skin for just six nanoseconds per pulse. Each pulse of energy is absorbed by the targeted pigment, causing it to shatter. The body then removes the broken tattoo particles naturally, which fades the appearance of the tattoo. Progressive fading takes place with each treatment until the tattoo is completely removed.

“It’s an honor to have distinguished veterans choose the Astanza Duality laser for their business. Erasable Ink provides civilians and military personnel in the Tampa area a high-quality service for effectively removing tattoos,” said President of Astanza, Ryan N. Lambert.



Michael and Loretta Zanetti are extensively trained in laser safety and tattoo removal and have each been granted the designations of Laser Safety Officer and Certified Laser Specialist. Loretta, who conducts each procedure, has earned a Master of Science degree in Nursing as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and currently holds the Army rank of Major.

Erasable Ink provides a free consultation for every tattoo. Military discounts are offered, and discounted package pricing is available. For more information on laser tattoo removal or to schedule an appointment, visit or call (813) 333-9971. The clinic is located in the BB&T Plaza at 4150 N. Armenia Avenue, Suite 201, Tampa, Florida 33607.


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