Top 5 Reasons To Get Laser Tattoo Removal

temp-post-imageby Loretta Nguyen Zanetti, ARNP

Although at one point getting a tattoo seemed like a great idea, in hindsight you may find yourself wanting to have your tattoo removed. We surveyed some patients from our Tampa laser tattoo removal clinic and found out the top 5 reasons people undergo laser tattoo removal:

1. Unhappy with the outcome of the tattoo: Some people spend months, even years planning out the perfect tattoo. But what if after all that planning you are not happy with the outcome? This is a pretty common issue which often leads to laser tattoo removal.

2. Location Location Location: A tattoo can be a big shock to the eye! Sometimes where you envisioned your tattoo may not have been the best place after all.

3. Impulsive decision: Let’s face it, we all do things without thinking them through completely, it’s called life. Sometimes we make rash decisions that do not accurately portray who we really are. Often times the consequences aren’t thoroughly thought out, or it just wasn’t done for the right reasons.

4. Instant regret: This is a very popular reaction to a new tattoo and it can be emotionally hard to deal with.

5. Cover up gone wrong: First you regret the initial tattoo, and in attempt to cover it up, you end up with a giant blob or a poorly executed design that looks much worse then what you started with.

If you’re regretting your tattoos or even just want to make space for new ink, Erasable Ink is here to help you get started with a clean slate with our expert team for Tampa laser tattoo removal.