Tampa Tattoo Removal – Post Treatment Recommendations

Upon receiving their laser tattoo removal treatment with Erasable Ink, our patients can expect to see some blisters or scabs to develop between 8 to 72 hours. Don’t be alarmed, it’s rare for scarring to occur and we can provide you with some after care advice to ensure that this does not happen.

– You may use over-the-counter antibiotic ointment (for ex. Neosporin), after your laser treatment. You should apply the ointment to your skin three times daily and keep the affected area covered with a bandage for at least 3 days. This protects your skin from infection. You may remove the bandages after 3 days and expose your skin to the air. The air will help heal and dry out the area exposed to the laser and help prepare you for the next laser tattoo removal treatment.

– Do not be alarmed if you see blisters. When a blister forms, this is an indication that your immune system is beginning to remove the ink in your skin and trying to heal.

– Try not to pick or remove the scabs and blisters that form after your laser tattoo removal treatment. Picking at the skin will cause scarring. Allow your skin to naturally heal itself and let the scabs fall off when they are ready. Removing scabs that are not ready can result in infection and scarring or discoloration of your skin.

– We also recommend wearing sunblock (spf 25 or higher) to protect the affected area of your skin for at least 3 months after each laser tattoo removal session. Do not apply make-up or anything that may irritate the healing area.

– You may shower after 2 hours of receiving the tattoo removal treatment. However, we advise that you do not allow high pressure water to hit the newly treated skin. To minimize infections to your laser treated skin it is also recommended that you do not swim, soak in a bath or hut tub until after scabs and blisters are healed.

If you have any questions about having tattoos removed or would like to schedule a consultation with our laser tattoo removal clinic, please feel free to contact us today at 813-333-9971 .