Latest Technology In Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment

Erasable Ink provides the latest technology in laser tattoo removal equipment in Tampa with it’s powerful Asztanza Duality laser. Powerful Nd:YAG Laser for Tattoo Removal with an ultra-short pulse duration (6000 picoseconds), impressive peak power, and essential wavelengths for versatility on colors, the Duality removes tattoos faster with better results.

The peak power is the difference for better ink shattering for faster laser tattoo removal. The Duality combines two advanced specifications – an ultra-short (6000 picosecond) pulse duration with high pulse energy – to deliver unparalleled peak power and photo-acoustic waves for ink fracturing.
With industry leading fluence options (up to 28 J/cm2), the Duality has more power for treating dark and stubborn inks in fewer treatments.

Fewer Laser Tattoo Treatments Needed

The Duality is a next-generation laser tattoo removal, delivering better ink shattering with each treatment, so patients need fewer overall treatments. Unlike older Q-switched lasers that could take 15+ treatments to achieve removal, the Duality removes a wide range of tattoos with fast results – some in just 2 treatments.

So what’re you waiting for you? Get started with a clean slate with the latest technology in laser tattoo removal. Contact us online or call 813-333-9971 to set up your free consultation!