Just How Easy and Fast Can Laser Tattoo Removal Be?

by Loretta Zanetti, ARNP

Just How Easy and Fast Can Laser Tattoo Removal Be? We recently had a radio celebrity stop by our Tampa Bay office to find out exactly how fast and easy laser tattoo removal can be. Rose from the Kane Show was curious about the process and we gave her a live in-person demonstration. She was amazed that the treatment took less than 1 minute and commented on how quickly the tattoo faded right before her eyes. We used the Astanza Duality Q-Switched laser on the 1064nm setting to fade our patient’s tattoo. While every patient’s pain tolerance is different, Aashka required no anesthesia for her third laser tattoo treatment. Have you thought about getting rid of your unwanted ink?

Fast and Easy Laser Tattoo Removal in Tampa Bay @ Erasable Inc.

Rose from the Kane Show wanted to know how fast and easy laser tattoo removal could be with Erasable Inc. Rather than tell her, we SHOWED her! Check out this video showing Dr. Walter as he completes Aashka's third session. All of our laser specialists are licensed medical providers so you know you are getting the best care possible.


Has your taste changed over the years and your tattoo no longer represents you? We can remove your tattoo and have your skin looking like it did before getting inked. Or if you want something different, we can fade your current tattoo so that you can replace it with something that better represents you. Check out Aashka’s progress below and watch the video to see how easy it is to get what you have always wanted. Reveal the Real You.